Corruption tours: revealing the dark side of Valencia

March 2, 2014

The newspaper group Xarxa Urbana has spent two years bringing the darkest side of Valencia to light, inviting residents to discover the holes through which public funds have leaked.

Teresa Galindo y MIguel Angel Ferris

Teresa Galindo and  MIguel Angel Ferris

Text: Noelia Ceballo
Photos: Ruta del Despilfarro

The façade of sun and modernity that attracts millions of tourists each year to Valencia hides a much darker reality for its inhabitants.

It is a reality of corruption and misspending of public finances.

Since the start of the crisis public anger has seen the demand for transparent information grow, something to which Teresa Galindo and Miguel Ángel Ferrís decided to respond two years ago.

Ruta del despilfarro 3.jpg  444They are the founders of the newspaper group Xarxa Urbana, which organises “Las Rutas del Despilfarro” (Corruption Tours).

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