A hidden world… Corruption exposed

DECEMBER 26, 2012 3:38 AM 0 COMMENTS

Corrupt officials and organizations across Europe may soon be placed under the critical eye of international tourism thanks to a new series of alternative tour groups.

Kyle Robertson

There is no denying that the past few years have been trying times for countries around the world.

Massive amounts of speculation and reckless practices by governments and financial institutions around the world have culminated in a global economic crisis; in the UK, Europe and elsewhere unprecedented numbers of people are out of work and inflation is growing. Many countries have tried to resolve the issues by enacting crushing austerity measures that serve only to restrict possible growth and drive themselves further into the hole of debt.

In the face of these troubles, many nations rely on a constant influx of tourists to survive; with the economic boost that tourism never fails to generate, it is little wonder why the UK and other nations have sought to polish up their image in recent years.

Certain groups of citizens, however, have a different idea; instead of trying to paint a shiny new face on the countries they call home, why not direct tourists toward the people and places responsible for the situation in the first place?

In a unique combination venture of citizen journalism and alternative tourism, and industry known as “corrupt tours” has sprung up in several European nations.

The groups are motivated by the desire to address economic and social justice issues and to raise awareness for their country’s situation in the larger world community.

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